BeGeistert 023 - Prime Time

Blog post by humdinger on Thu, 2010-09-23 13:05

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On behalf of the Haiku Support Association (HSA), we'd like to invite you to our 23rd BeGeistert meeting on the weekend of 23./24. of October 2010. It will be held as usual in the nice conference rooms of the youth hostel in Düsseldorf, Germany.

BeGeistert is an excellent opportunity to mingle with and learn from other users and developers from all over Europe (and beyond: this year we're happy to be joined by Rene Gollent, flying over from the US, and Christof Lutteroth and Clemens Zeidler from New Zealand!). Hear about other people's projects or present your own, meet many of Haiku's core developers and discuss the future of Haiku. Or present your favorite KDL and see if our gurus can successfully debug it...

Preceding the BeGeistert weekend, there will be the usual weeklong Code Sprint (18.-22. of October 2010). The additional rent for the needed room is partly financed by Haiku Inc., so many thanks for that!

If you want to join the gang and help bring Haiku another big step forward, contact Stephan Aßmus as soon as possible.

As last BeGeistert, we'll have a separate workshop day on Monday, 25. of October 2010. This time Axel Dörfler will host the tutorial. It's planned to program a simple game, showing off multi-threading, messaging and queries; all tailored to the participants' coding skills of course. A perfect opportunity to pick the brains of one of Haiku's major architects.

The workshop has to be booked separately from the BeGeistert weekend and since places are limited, it's recommended to do so quickly!

Register now on the BeGeistert website!


Per night, incl. breakfast: 24,80 EUR
BeGeistert weekend, incl. lunch: 35,00 EUR
Programming workshop on Monday: 75,00 EUR