[GSoC 2017 - BTRFS Write Supports] Week #2

Blog post by HyChe on Fri, 2017-05-19 21:42

Hello everyone, This is my second report about my project "Adding write supports for BTRFS". There hasn't been much coding in this week and previous week, just some researchs, some style fixes in btrfs code base, and I have managed on setting up fs_shell for btrfs, or now you can say btrfs_shell, based on bfs_shell work. fs_shell is a framework containing all the kernel emulation and the user and scripting interface (Thanks Ingo for the info), this allows to compile and run filesystem (Haiku's, for example btrfs) in userland under Linux or any host systems that can build Haiku.

[GSoC 2017] Adding write supports for Btrfs

Blog post by HyChe on Mon, 2017-05-08 13:49

Hello everyone, My name is Hy (Trac: hyche, freenode IRC: ugen), and this first blog is about my introduction and Btrfs. This is the first time I participate in Google Summer of Code, I also know Haiku through this event. My project in this summer is write supports for Btrfs and my main mentors are mmu_man (Fran├žois Revol) and tqh (Fredrik Holmqvist). During the community bonding period, I will Set up my development environment (userlandfs and fs_shell).