GSoC 2021 Progress Update 1: Modernizing Caya

Blog post by JadedCtrl on Mon, 2021-06-07 09:19

It’s the end of the first GSoC period, so it’s about time I clutter the blog again! A good few changes have been made to Caya― most obviously support for multi-user rooms and some UI changes. Multi-protocol add-ons are now supported, the program is oriented around “Conversations” rather than “Contacts,” basic moderation (kicking, banning, muting) works, etc. The protocol API‘s expanded because of these general changes, and I don’t think it could be called “stable” for another couple weeks at least― I still need to document it, and some of the new additions might still be consolidated into others.

GSoC 2021 Project: Modernizing Caya

Blog post by JadedCtrl on Thu, 2021-05-20 09:46

Introduction Hi! I’m Jaidyn Levesque (jadedctrl on IRC and elsewhere), a 2nd year Computer Science student. I’ve been using *nixes for several years now, and just moved over to Haiku as my main OS a little over a year ago. I’m lucky enough to be a mentee this summer, and I’m excited to get started! Project My GSoC project is to modernize Caya, a multi-protocol chat program. “Modernize” here means a couple different things: General updates, multi-user chats, and libpurple support.