GSoC work schedule

Blog post by jalopeura on Wed, 2011-04-27 08:21

During most of GSoC, I will be in Faro, Portugal, where I am finishing my Masters. However, I will travel to Santa Rosa, California to visit family for five weeks in June and July.

Time Zones:
Mon 25 Apr - Thu 16 Jun: Western European Summer Time (UTC+1)
Fri 17 Jun - Thu 21 Jul: Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7)
Fri 22 Jul - Fri 26 Aug: Western European Summer Time (UTC+1)

During GSoC, there are several days when I will be unable to work. I will make up this time by working extra before and/or after. Since I plan to budget my time so I am mostly working on weekdays, I can work some weekends to make up for these days.

  • Bonding period: 25 Apr - 22 May
    • Mon 2 May - Thu 5 May: Classes
    • Sat 14 Jun - Mon 16 Jun: Out of town; reduced internet access
    • Tue 17 May - Thu 19 May: Classes
    • Wed 18 May: Thesis due
    • Fri 20 May - Sun 22 May: Out of town; reduced internet access
  • First quarter: 23 May - 12 Jun
    • Thu 26 May - Wed 1 Jun: Out of town; reduced internet access
      My wife will be showing some guests around the Lisbon area; I will have my laptop so I can work. I have a Mobile Broadband key so I can still get online, but it's expensive so I can't stay online all day.
    • Wed 8 Jun - Fri 10 Jun: Thesis presentation and defense
      I am expected to be there all three days and watch the presentations of the other students in the program. I will not be able to work at all during these days. (Well, perhaps an hour or two in the evening.)
  • Second quarter: 13 Jun - 10 Jul
    • Thu 16 Jun - Fri 17 Jun: Travel to California to visit family
      I might be able to work on the plane, but it seems unlikely, since I'll be travelling with two small children.
    • Mon 4 Jul: Family obligations
      I will not be working. Extended family will be coming in from other parts of the country specifically because we will be there. (We have not been back to the US for two years.)
  • Third quarter: 11 Jul - 31 Jul
    • Thu 21 Jul - Fri 22 Jul: Return to Portugal
      Again, I will most likely not be able to work while travelling.
  • Fourth quarter: 1 Aug - 22 Aug
    • No conflicts foreseen.

Excluding the bonding period, this is a total of 8 weekdays when I will not be working, and 5 weekdays/2 weekend days of possible reduced internet access when I will be able to work but largely unavailable.