Language Bindings for the C++ API

Blog post by jalopeura on Wed, 2011-04-27 08:06

My project will expose the Haiku API to scripting languages. During GSoC, I will focus on enabling the creation of GUI apps; this will include large parts of the Interface Kit and some essential classes from the Application Kit. I will target Perl and Python as the scripting languages.

(After GSoC, I would like to support other languages as well, and increase the number of classes available from scripting languages.)

A timeline is available by following this link.

During the bonding period, I will be looking at the Python API, with a view to developing a generator to create the code for these extensions from an abstraction language, as an alternative to using SWIG. (I will not make a final decision on whether to use SWIG until I have determined whether it is feasible to use a custom-built generator within the GSoC time frame.)