UEFI Progress Update

Blog post by jessicah on Wed, 2016-12-14 11:11

As some may have noticed, my UEFI branch got merged in November, purely by accident too! However, until now, we still haven't been able to boot to the desktop. Whilst still in development, the addition of a simple framebuffer driver and a crucial fix by Henry (https://github.com/froggey/) has enabled Haiku to now boot all the way to the desktop using QEMU.

TeX Live and LyX; Changes to the boot code

Blog post by jessicah on Sat, 2015-06-06 06:15

As of hrev49248, TeX Live 2014 and LyX 2.1.3 have been added to the Haiku Ports repository!

A word of warning: TeX Live is a mammoth 823MB package, and LyX, whilst not massive, is another 20MB or so. These will undoubtedly take some time to download for installation. Also, upon first launch of LyX, it will appear to not open any windows. This is normal, as LyX is generating a whole bunch of data it needs, which will be stored at ~/config/settings/lyx. Subsequent launches of LyX should be fairly quick.

Jessica's Google Summer of Code

Blog post by jessicah on Sun, 2014-11-02 00:04

This year was my first participation in the Google Summer of Code. And despite having to fail my student very early, I still managed to have some fun working with Akshay on USB3 issues.

With UEFI making no progress during GSoC, it was time to seek out the support of some of my long-time kernel hacker friends. And with a couple days to go before leaving for the GSoC Reunion, one of them came through with phenomenal results. He had gotten the MMU and ELF loading issues mostly sorted out, and we were finally able to load and start the kernel!