Batisseur: The End?

Blog post by jrabbit on Thu, 2011-09-08 17:11

GSOC 2011 is over and I’ve had some time to cool off from last minute stress. A few awesome tools for haikuporter will be coming soon. I’m going to work on rounding off those tools. The builddrone project somewhat works but is not of a very high quality. The queen needs love with respect to databases and or data structure. I may revisit it later, but I’d love for someone with relevant experience to implement something better.

Batiseur: not a bed and breakfast

Blog post by jrabbit on Sun, 2011-08-07 15:14

In these last few (official) weeks of Google Summer of Code I’m focusing on the meat of my project. This means that side features like the achievements, scoreboard etc will be ‘frozen’ as-is until after GSOC. I’m planning on rounding them out, just not yet. The main work will be on the builddrone working properly and testing/signing. A major but was in the camlistore python library, I’ve fixed it and will change how it works a little.

Batisseur Midterm: Gravatars, packaging sugar, and achievements

Blog post by jrabbit on Mon, 2011-07-18 20:03

I’m in the middle of my planned vacation in New Mexico. I recently wrote a new feature for haikuporter emulating the style of homebrew’s create command. (It makes as much of the bep file for you as can be automated.) I’ve written a haikuporter (or later pkgman) wrapper to handle the achievements. It works like git-achievements you alias over the command and check the switches/commands. I’ve moved over some code to redis, and have gotten their development branch to build on alpha3 (Stable used to work back a few revs.

Batisseur Check-in

Blog post by jrabbit on Wed, 2011-06-22 19:47

A lot of commits have happened since I last blogged on my GSOC Project. The big hitters are: the framework of a rankings website for users’ point totals A non-regex parser I wrote because I’m impatient (I’m going to test its speed.) The begining of the http server that will inform user’s builddrones of availible jobs (builds) [Basically it tells you if packages have been updated so you can build them] Verified that Camlistore (on python) can work on Haiku.

Batisseur project update: Summary of work done and crystal ball into the future.

Blog post by jrabbit on Sun, 2011-05-29 14:41

Some of the clearly amazing things that got done during the community bonding period were: Get Haiku logo Pasteboard (not good yet) Based heavily on examples in BeBook and guidance from Rene Gollent “DeadYak” command not found, trying to make Haiku’s bash more user friendly. Will be ready for Alpha 3. Haiku trove classifier TBA upon haiku-specific python packages! I also discovered that Buildbot (Mostly its dependency: Twisted) don’t play nice on FreeBSD, the platform which currently builds Haiku nightlies on Matt Madia’s server.

GSOC Introduction: Jrabbit, Batisseur and you

Blog post by jrabbit on Thu, 2011-04-28 23:45

I'm Jack (Jrabbit). I am a python hacker. Bâtisseur is a broad system for making Haiku package development simple and quick. It will borrow concepts from OpenSuse Build and Canonical's Launchpad [Specifically Soyuz]. Some documents pertaining to it can be found in this repo. The end goal will be a modern build system for packages that can scale up or down and a system of achievements for participating in it.