GSOC Introduction: Jrabbit, Batisseur and you

Blog post by jrabbit on Thu, 2011-04-28 23:45

I'm Jack (Jrabbit). I am a python hacker.

Bâtisseur is a broad system for making Haiku package development simple and quick. It will borrow concepts from OpenSuse Build and Canonical's Launchpad [Specifically Soyuz]. Some documents pertaining to it can be found in this repo. The end goal will be a modern build system for packages that can scale up or down and a system of achievements for participating in it.

Whats happening now

During the community bonding period I will be working with the new hpkg_builder tool to make sure it's ready for hackage. I will be working with the core team to look at buildbot deployment and such. Also I will be trying to get some of my web tools I wrote for haiku put up on haiku-files.