Batisseur Check-in

Blog post by jrabbit on Wed, 2011-06-22 19:47

A lot of commits have happened since I last blogged on my GSOC Project. The big hitters are:

  • the framework of a rankings website for users’ point totals
  • A non-regex parser I wrote because I’m impatient (I’m going to test its speed.)
  • The begining of the http server that will inform user’s builddrones of availible jobs (builds) [Basically it tells you if packages have been updated so you can build them]
  • Verified that Camlistore (on python) can work on Haiku.
  • A Jenkins API wrapper for magic to happen (I think it may be the perfect thing to handle build logs and results)
  • Redis
  • Redis
  • Redis

Progress is coming along, I recently [On the 15th] returned from a tour of France. There is a second period later in the summer I’ll have unknown-connectivity, but I’ll still be coding then.