An Update from the Promotion Team

Blog post by jt15s on Mon, 2021-03-22 16:08

It’s been almost three months since I posted about the Haiku Promotion Team, and the response to my initial post has been amazing and exceeded my expectations!

There are now six of us (excluding myself) on the Haiku Promotion Team:

  • scott_pupolo18
  • stoltenberg
  • tthoms
  • mbrumbelow
  • shaka444
  • fox14

The Team communicates regularly through a private group chat on the Haiku forums, and stoltenberg has started up a kanban board, which you can view publicly here (Just ignore the login prompt that pops up once you open the kanban). On there, we’ve gathered ideas, tasks and plans for the future. stoltenberg also went through the forums and gathered your feedback and suggestions so far for consideration. If you have any feedback about the kanban or our plans in general, don’t hesitate to let us know on the forums.

Our Immediate Priorities

In my first post, I wrote about the strategies the Team will take in promoting Haiku to the masses. Now, I’ll take the time to talk about what the priorities are for the immediate future (i.e. next few months). At the moment, the Team is focused on supporting the upcoming Beta3 release, whether that be creating a press release and press kit or creating some new promotional materials for the release. Additionally, we are looking into what we can do to celebrate Haiku’s 20th Anniversary, and have already come up with some ideas with the help of the Haiku community on the forums. If you have any more ideas, including ideas for possible competitions we could hold, don’t hesitate to post your suggestion on that dedicated forum thread. We are also working with Haiku Inc. to revitalise the Haiku social media accounts, such as the YouTube channel, which hasn’t seen a new video in eleven years! There will be a blog post once we have access to the accounts and we’ve done a bit of a cleanup. tthoms has agreed to make his Odysee (similar to YouTube) channel an official Haiku social media account. Whilst we haven’t done much with the channel yet, you can view the channel in its current state here. Currently it has a few tutorials by tthoms as well as some reposted reviews of Haiku, and a talk about Haiku by Haiku developer PulkoMandy.

The Team has much more planned for the future, any updates will be posted on the Haiku blog! Also keep an eye out on the forums for anything related to promotional efforts.

If you would still like to join the Promotion Team, you are more than welcome to do so! Just send me a PM through the forums.

Enjoy the rest of March!