Translation Work Needed in Preparation for Beta 3

Blog post by jt15s on Tue, 2021-06-08 14:34

As we get closer to the release of Beta 3, it is important we ensure our translations are updated.

Current State of Translation Work

  • As of now, no new language has currently reached over 60% since Beta 2 was released last year.
  • Croatian translations are at 58%. If no progress is made, this translation risks being removed from Beta 3!
  • Korean, Hindi, Bulgarian, Czech and Norwegian were already under 60% in beta2 and are still under 60%, somewhere between 45% and 60% complete. It would be really appreciated if these translations were made more complete so they can be included with the Beta 3 release.
  • Languages that are already available on Pootle, but need a lot more work:
    • Punjabi
    • Slovenian
    • Arabic (unfortunately this translation can’t be displayed due to lack of right-to-left text support in Haiku)
    • Serbian (both Latin and Cyrillic versions)
    • Macedonian
    • Maori
    • Low German
    • Persian
    • Na’vi


Translation Cut-off for Haiku's User Interface
The cut-off for interface translations on Pootle remains at 60%.

  • All translators are encouraged to make an extra release-effort to bring their language as close as they can to 100%.
  • All language managers are urged to check and approve waiting submissions.

Haiku User Guide Translations

Translation Cut-off for the Haiku User Guide
The cut-off for User Guide translations on Pootle is higher at 80%.

Since Beta 2, there have been a few changes here and there to the User Guide, so languages that were about 100% translated back then will need a few updates to ensure they are fully translated for Beta 3.

How can I get started with translation?

If you are fluent in another language, don’t hesitate to join in and help translate Haiku! By translating, you help us reach more people all over the world. To get started, read the following guides and follow the instructions provided:

Thanks to all those who have been working hard to ensure Haiku and its user guide are available for people all around the world!