Driver status update : Radeon HD

Blog post by kallisti5 on Fri, 2011-05-13 15:35

EDIT: 05/28/2011: Add card functionality as of r41792 I have recently been working on the radeon_hd graphics driver and accelerant to get extended mode setting complete for the Radeon r600-r800 chipsets (Roughly Radeon HD 31xx - Radeon HD 59xx) We still have a very long way to go, however the following is now working in the driver: Identifying a pretty large range of Radeon HD cards based on PCIID Reading card information such as Memory and recording it Reading the active monitor EDID Creating mode lines from the EDID information above and adding them to the available mode lines Passing the active monitor EDID to the screen preflet for monitor vendor/model/serial identification Here are the short-term todo items (with focus on getting extended mode setting working):

GSoC: Initial IPv6 code now in trunk

Blog post by kallisti5 on Tue, 2010-07-20 13:10

There is great news from the 2010 GSoC midterms… Atis’ GSoC work thus far on IPv6 has been merged into the main-line Haiku trunk by Axel due to its quality.

Apply the buildfile diff attached to this post, to any post-r37604 sources to give IPv6 a whirl. Please keep in mind the IPv6 code is still extremely early, using IPv6 may result in dreaded KDL's and other general bugginess. See below for Atis’ example usage of the IPv6 modules.

Bug reports on the new IPv6 support can be made on Trac under the Network & Internet » IPv6 component.