New Website Goes Live

Blog post by koki on Tue, 2007-01-23 15:04

We finally deployed the new website. Waldemar fixed at the last minute a bug that we discovered in one of Drupal’s module, and we then asked Takidau to change the DNS settings. It was a long road. How long did it take? A bit more than 6 months? Much longer than I would have expected, I have to admit. But I think it is a good start. As some have already pointed out on the Haiku mailing list, there are still a few areas that need to be tweaked.

The website was the first project for the marcom team, and in retrospect this exercise has been challenging and educational at the same time. The dynamics of an open source project are unique, and it did requiring some adapting to it. But I think I have reached a relatively good understanding of the project and its needs (you never know enough, though), and have also developed trust relationships with the devs; they are a great source of insight to what Haiku needs, and I think we now make a good synergistic team.