haiku-os.org Slashdotted

Blog post by koki on Sun, 2007-02-18 04:57

This morning we were discussing by email with Waldemar what could be causing some DB errors from the photo gallery and a general slowness of the website. Waldemar contacted our service provider, and their response was “your site has suddenly become too popular” (something that effect). Well, no wonder: I just noticed that we were Slashdotted (Haiku Tech Talk at Google a Success). I checked the logs, and it looks like the site received about 10,000 hits from /. in less than 12 hours!

This was the first article about Haiku in Slashdot.org since June 29, 2005 (WalterCon 2005). I have the feeling that we will be mentioned more often from now on. On a somewhat related note, a search for “haiku” on del.icio.us ranks our website in second place, while on Google, we are consistently on fourth position. Not bad at all. :-)