Anthy Ported to Haiku, Binary Available on Bebits

Blog post by koki on Thu, 2008-05-08 19:05

Well known Japanese developer SHINTA has been recently working on a port of the Anthy free Japanese conversion engine to Haiku, and the first fruits of his work are now available for download from in the form of an Anthy for Haiku binary. It's great to see SHINTA-san in full development mode, and that he has shown his commitment to Haiku by porting Anthy to our OS. Anthy is definitely the best open source Japanese input method, and being able to use it in Haiku is a great plus for anyone who will want to use Japanese in our platform.

Anthy's claim to fame comes from it's conversion efficiency, which is considered to be much higher than that of other open source alternatives, such as Canna or FreeWnn, and almost on par with proprietary solutions. Licensed under the LGPL, Anthy is not only better than its open source counterparts, but its development is very active and is expected to remain so, as Anthy has become the de facto Japanese input method adopted by most Linux and other open source operating systems.