GSoC 2020 Final Report: Improving and Extending Services Kit

Blog post by leorize on Mon, 2020-08-31 02:00

Hi all. This is my final report on my project aiming to improve Services Kit, the networking backend behind most native Haiku application, most notably WebPositive. Progress made during GSoC You may find the patches here: Haiku’s Gerrit HaikuWebKit’s Github Here’s the summary of some of the outstanding changes: BMemoryRingIO is introduced for high-speed cross-thread communication. This is an implemenation of a circular buffer with BDataIO interface. The intended use case for this is for a HTTP/2 implementation, where one thread will be the multiplexer and request threads will make use of this to retrieve from the multiplexer.

GSoC 2020 Project: Improving and Extending Services Kit

Blog post by leorize on Sun, 2020-05-31 15:57

It’s pretty long overdue for the post, but here I am. Introduction: I’m Leorize, a past GCI participant and a former active member of HaikuPorts. If you hang around the #haiku IRC channel, chances are that you might know me :) I started contributing to Haiku around 2017, when I joined GCI. Since then, I’ve authored many bug fixes and ports, including some notable ports like libuv, mandoc, pkgconf, and pyqt.