lklhaikufs: features galore

Blog post by lucian on Fri, 2010-07-16 21:02

The LKL-based Haiku driver has progressed well in the last few weeks.

The set of features already implemented:

  • mounting and unmounting ext3, ext4 disk images*, both read-only and read-write
  • listing file system attributes (read-only/read-write, file system size, number of files created, number of files remaining to be created, etc.)
  • browsing the contents of any folder on the file system
  • listing file permissions, owner, group, type (directory, symlink, regular file, etc.)
  • opening/closing existing files, and creating new files
  • reading and writing data into files
  • creating new directories

What still needs to be done:

  • renaming files
  • deleting files and directories
  • I only tested ext3 and ext4, other should work as well. There’s a limitation in the ext4 support in LKL, not related to this driver in particular that needs to be fixed.