And yet another deadline wooshed by...

Blog post by meianoite on Fri, 2009-03-06 09:46

Rule #1: never set deadlines when you’re moving houses. Rule #2: no, they won’t reconnect the Internet on a timely fashion, so don’t count on it. Telcos make no distinction between “worst case scenario” and “average turnaround time”. Rule #3: by Murphy’s law, don’t plan on spending some minutes of your lunch time at work writing the blog entry you promised. Your boss will ask you favours if s/he has the slightest suspicion that you’re idling. Rule #4: smartphones aren’t made for writing texts of any real length. Don’t be tempted to use one for this purpose, else prepare yourself for a lot of grief.

This is bothering me to no end. I’ll spend some time at my dad’s this weekend, and I’ll set aside some quality hours to write. Stay tuned.