A summary of Haiku, Inc.'s accomplishments in the past year

Blog post by mmadia on Sun, 2010-05-30 14:24

Organization Structure:

  • Formal meetings, with recorded minutes
  • Voted in a new Board of Directors
  • Elected officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer)
  • Rotated various account passwords
  • Removed non-board members from the private mailing list
  • Created a new public mailing list for Haiku, Inc.

Legal Forms:

  • Updated NY State's DOS Process
  • Filed IRS form 8822 : Change of Address
  • Filed IRS 990-N, documented it
  • Filed IRS 8734 (wip)

Bank Accounts:

  • Closed original account
  • Opened free business checking account
  • Got multiple BOD members as bank account signers
  • Authorized signers to phone in wire transfers (wip)


  • PayPal now supports EUR as a second currency
  • Google Checkout as an additional donation method
  • Amazon Payments as an additional donation method
  • Revamped donation page
  • Reduced PayPal Fees from 2.9% + 0.30 down to 2.2% + 0.30 (eg, an exta $7 on every $1000 for ever.)


  • drafted a yearly budget
  • drafted an improved TM policy
  • re-established contact with volunteer CPA
  • 2008 financial report
  • 2010 budget fundraiser
  • researched paying contractors
  • alloted $8,000 USD for a total of 800 hours of contractual development
  • funded a new dedicated hosting service


  • 2009 financial reports (wip)
  • SSL Certification (wip)
  • IRS papers (8734 wip)
  • By Laws
  • Trademark policy (wip)
  • Registering Trademark (wip)

I'm feeling really good about the TODO list too. The By laws, registering the TM, and "finishing" the TM policy are still some daunting items.

Personally, the Work-In-Progress TM policy is going in a good direction. Though it still has areas that need to be fleshed out, as well as review by any of you and the project at large. Very recently, aldeck pointed out some links, which are mentioned in More-TM-Policy-ideas-from-other-orgs-Ideas-on-selling-TM-goods

In the next weeks, I'm going to be reading the Software Freedom Center for some more ideas relating to the TM Policy, as well as registering it. This is something that I feel needs to be done in time for R1.

Hope you enjoyed the read and I'll be happy to explain any of this in more detail.