JDLL 2016

Blog post by mmu_man on Wed, 2016-04-06 15:48

This week-end I went to the Journées du Logiciel Libre (JDLL) to hold the Haiku booth. The JDLL is a local event over two days, mostly focused at general public, with workshops and even a FLOSS gaming room for kids, but also with some highly technical and ethical talks. It also has a room with 3D printers and other maker tools.

The “Linux distro” booths are for some years located on the upper floor, with a little less people but closer to the install-party room, and it’s not useless to have a Haiku stand there to remind people that no, GNU/Linux is not the only FLOSS OS around ;-) Haiku booth

Throughout the week-end I had people stopping by, asking about Haiku, and even still some of them fondly remembering BeOS.

Other booths

I also managed to attend some talks, mostly the keynotes by people such as Tristan Nitot (ex Mozilla, now at Cozy Cloud (I’ll have to look at porting their in-development desktop client…)), Laurent Chemla (Caliopen). Although I didn’t propose any Haiku-related talk this time, I did participate in the lightning talk session, to show OpenToonz running on GNU/Linux (I participated in the porting effort that made it run in less than a week after the opensourcing, and maybe someday we’ll get it on Haiku as well), and also to talk about the little HTML5 tool I wrote to help me record show for a local radio station.

Other booths I also took the opportunity to test some software presented at other stands, like Ancestris, which is a genealogy suite written in Java, and actually works surprisingly well on our OpenJDK. Other booths I'd just need to figure out why plugins fails to install, and package it!