GCI 2015 meeting; D -3

Blog post by mmu_man on Sat, 2016-06-11 23:51

So, it’s Thursday and I’m getting a plane to San Francisco for the GCI meeting. Well, hopefully, as the French railway is on strike… Ok, my train was canceled, but another was 1.5 hours late so I managed to jump on it and arrive… at the Paris Lyon station, which meant taking the RER (oh no, it’s on strike as well), ok, the Metro to another station and then the RER to the airport.

The flight went without much trouble, just a few turbulences. The were USB plugs so I could use my tablet more than the one hour of battery it has (oddly it wasn’t just a power supply, as the tablet proposed me to share files as mass storage, hopefully the airline doesn’t snoop on its clients this way…). We even had empty seats so we could sleep lying around, which was really nice. During the flight I wore a 30 years old t-shirt I found in my cupboard sporting “San Francisco”. At least it’s really the place to wear it I suppose :D

After touching down in SF, the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport) was having some trouble but I finally got a train, and it felt like still being in France.

As that is my first trip to another continent, and to SF, I thought I’d have some extra days to look around, and hey, say hello at NoiseBridge, the local hackerspace.

Since I couldn’t really afford extra nights at the same hotel Google pays for, I booked a cheaper one near NoiseBridge. After getting my room I tried to ring the bell at the hackerspace but they were closing so I decided to have some sleep.

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