WebKit weekly report #5

Blog post by PulkoMandy on Fri, 2013-10-25 06:50

Hello there !

Well, not so much progress on WebKit this week. I spent most of the time working on CMake code to get it to generate hpkg files. I got something that works well enough to link Web+ to it, so I can test things with the actual browser instead of HaikuLauncher. Today I added the cookie jar persistence, so Web+ remembers all the cookies when you exit and relaunch it. I also started working on HTTP authentication. These are the two features I couldn’t test with HaikuLauncher, as it lacks some code for them (saving cookies on exit, and showing the HTTP authentication password prompt window).

I also implemented the protocol handler for file: URLs, so now I can browse the Be Book and Web+ default home page works as well.

With the HTTP authentication fixed, I think I will be on par with the current code, so I could merge this into Haiku now for you all to use. However, there are some new rendering glitches that maybe I should fix first. What do you think?