Coding week 4,5,6

Blog post by rajagopalan on Thu, 2019-07-18 17:14


Hello everybody. Sorry for not able to post something for very long time! Previous week was pretty rough for me. So let me tell few things about the state of the port.

  • We have working IPC (using BMessages)

  • We have working Minibrowser (that could handle few call back events like navigating to url, going back and forward..)

  • A partially working network process

Current Work

So we decided to get the rendering done. I had to learn how views and offscreen rendering works before I could do anything. I am comfortable with them now.

So webkit offers a rendering method called Coordinated Graphics which uses OpenGL to do painting and compositing, But using OpenGL may have performance issues but for now our only aim is to see if we could get rendering work.

This would help us identify other methods, benchmark them also we get to see if things are properly in place.

I think I’m really close to get the rendering part done. Little bit into technical details - The webpage is painted on a shareable bitmap in the webprocess and is shared with UI Process where it is ultimately rendered on Minibrowser’s view.

Currently I was able to get the painting in shareable bitmpa part to work. So fingers crossed that it works 😃.

Thank you guys for scrolling by.. Will try to get the browser soon done!!