Google Code-In 2013 wrap up report

Blog post by scottmc on Tue, 2014-01-21 05:48

Google has now announced the 20 winners for Google Code-In 2013, with Freeman Lou and Puck Meerburg being the two winners from Haiku.

This was the fourth year of Google's Code-In, and the fourth for Haiku. This contest came at a good point this year for Haiku as the package management merge happened just a few weeks prior to the start of the contest and thus gave us plenty of ideas for tasks. Nearly half of our tasks were somehow related to writing recipes for packages to be built into .hpkg files. We also opened up the coverity scan results for students to try their hand at fixing some of those issues for the first time. Along with these tasks there were several others which ranged from fixing specific bugs from Haiku's trac tickets, to writing new programs such as a blogging program and a spider solitaire game, and even a few for the artistic type students who created a new flyer and some new icons.

This year we had 5 students who completed 20 or more tasks, this is more than any of our students completed during GCI 2012. We had 42 students who completed a total of 245 tasks for Haiku which is more than have been completed in any previous year for Haiku, so it was a very good year for us. Of the 42 students, 19 of them completed 3 or more tasks which qualified them to receive a Google Code-In 2013 t-shirt, this was also the most students we've have that completed 3 or more tasks.

I'd like to thank the 19 Haiku mentors, which included 3 former Google Code-In students, and all 42 students who completed at least one task for Haiku this year. Also a special thanks to those who were on irc to help handle the flood of students during the contest, for their patience in handling of all the questions and such that the students were asking. And lastly, a special thanks to Stephanie Taylor and the rest of the team at Google for having Google Code-In, and for picking Haiku to participate again. It was another very productive and fun Code-In.