Services Kit features overview

Blog post by shisui on Thu, 2010-08-19 09:45

The coding period of the Google Summer of Code is now over since this Monday, and it's time to give to the Haiku Community a debrief of what has been done on my initial project, what has been modified, and what remains to do.

Services Kit is Going Well

Blog post by shisui on Sun, 2010-07-11 20:02

It's been a month and half since the very beginning of the GSoC coding period, and this is my first blog post about Services Kit. In fact, it's quite difficult to write interesting things for both developers and non-developers, I waited to have some materials before writing a report of my work and ... it's time !

If you manage to build complex applications over the original BeOS Network Kit, you will quickly face a major problem. Indeed, if it's a good C++ wrapper of the BSD sockets API, it's only a wrapper, providing useful classes to handle a network link, but no more. Services Kit is here to provide a more complete set of useful classes which will let developers to get rid of internet protocols and to only think of the good part of a web service client application.

GSoC proposal : "Creating Services Kit core elements"

Blog post by shisui on Wed, 2010-04-28 17:03

Haiku is currently missing a subsystem allowing application to be connected to Web 2.0, although this is becoming important relatively to the interaction between users and "the world" through the Internet. The development of the Services Kit would permits to Haiku applications to access various web services, such as micro-blogging (twitter, ...), pasting services (pastebin, pastie, ...), social networks (, ...).