Popular Network Preferences applications and comments.

Blog post by soapdog on Sun, 2007-05-06 20:56

The idea today is to compare and comment on popular network preferences apps. I’ll pick Mac OS X, Windows, Zeta and Linux and comment on what we can learn from each and think about how can we design a successful network preferences application for Haiku. I will not focus on the eye candy or widgets, the focus is on the user experience and features.

Lots of shots of different OSes and some opinions by yours truly.

Getting Started

Blog post by soapdog on Sun, 2007-04-29 19:53

Hello All, My name is Andre Garzia and I live in Brazil. I am one of the summer of code students that will be working with Haiku. My project is the Network Preferences Application. I do most of my work on macs, most of my work is related to custom servers or web apps. I have a hobby which is to collect operating systems and machines and network them all. Right now I have couple macs (both classic and mac os x), linux, solaris, zeta, haiku, windows mobile, newtons and a magic cap machine, all networked, so I’ve felt the pain and joy of configuring different kinds of machines with different needs.