GSoC 2020 Project: Adding UFS2 file system in Haiku

Blog post by SuhelMehta on Wed, 2020-05-06 14:20

Hello everyone! I am one of the selected students for this year Google Summer of Code(GSoC). This is my first blog on Haiku website and in this post I will introduce myself and share details about my project.


My name is Suhel Mehta and my name on IRC channel is suhel. I am studying Computer Science and Engineering(CSE) at GNDEC(Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College) in Punjab, India. I am also a part of Development team of college that do technical work. In order to complete the task given by them I use Linux for most of the time but I am using Haiku on my virtual machine and learing about it. I have applied for GSoC this year in Haiku and got selected :-)

Information about project

Haiku has support for a number of file system but it is completly missing support for some file system. In this project I will add a file system called UFS2. It is also called Unix file system or Berkeley Fast File System. It is a file system supported by many Unix and Unix-like operating systems. It Allows files of about 1 terabyte in size in a file system that can be up to 16 terabytes in size.

Project plans

  1. Implementing mount() function.
  2. Implementing inode and directories.
  3. Implementing symbolic link.

Work done till now

  1. Built UFS2 shell.
  2. Identified superblock of UFS2.


Implemented in Solaris Code implementation FreeBSD Implementation Information about file system General Content about file system


Thank you to the Haiku community for selecting me this year. I will give my best to make this project successful. ;-)