Haiku Admin Meeting Summary - May 28, 2007

Blog post by umccullough on Wed, 2007-05-30 21:15

Haiku Admin Meeting 2007-05-28:

  • Discussion about new "Admin organizer" internal-use website for managing tasks, admin votes, etc.
  • Some discussion took place about possibly organizing a physical "admin gathering" somewhere.
  • Michael Lotz has volunteered, and is currently a primary candidate for "Project management" type tasks.
  • Mention of the need to assign/complete the Haiku, Inc. 2006 financial publication.
  • Discussed Haiku Compatible Badges:
  • It appears many are currently in favor of Stephan's designs. Mention of possible "Haiku powered" or "Haiku inside" on a badge. Should open-vote be used similar to the icon sets? Further discussion about decision will be moved to Admin mailing list. Currently collecting all the "entries" from the General Mailing List.
  • Some WalterCon scheduling options discussed:
  • Discussed what types of content should be provided for attendees. Reminder of survey results. (Ed note: Survey should now be closed as of June 1, 2007) Note that most attendees could fall into "User" and "Application Developer" categories. Possibly an audio driver API presentation?
  • Discussion about Haiku Compatibility List:
  • Should it remain as an external site - or try to move it to the official site? If hosted internally, should it still be primarily a community-driven effort? This would probably ensure it remains up-to-date. Karl should be contacted to discuss options.
  • Discussed possibility of opening a "bounties" section on the official site:
  • Bounties should be reasonable. Could both Haiku-sponsored bounties and community-initiated bounties be supported? If yes, they should be clearly separated to avoid confusion about sponsorship.
That wraps it up for the May 28, 2007 meeting.
I would like to remind readers that any official discussion about the decisions made by the Haiku Admins should be directed to the General Mailing List. Any mistakes in this summary may be posted in the comments if desired or you may use my contact page.