Haiku Admin Meeting Summary - July 23, 2007

Blog post by umccullough on Thu, 2007-07-26 07:42

Haiku Admin Meeting 2007-07-23:

  • A quick GSoC status was discussed.
  • It was agreed that having Axel and Ingo working together in the same location to focus on many of the VM and stability issues was a successful endeavor:
  • It was proposed that this be done more often, with possible sponsorship from Haiku, Inc. to pay for costs whenever possible. It was agreed that Axel and/or Ingo will be reimbursed for any expenses that were incurred. This type of reimbursement support would only be reserved for certain situations deemed suitable by Haiku, Inc.
  • The state of Haiku after the recent work by Axel and Ingo was discussed:
  • It was observed that the system is very stable at this point, even more so than was anticipated.
  • The possibility of WalterCon cancellation is discussed:
  • Only 3 confirmed sign ups so far. Most likely reason for low attendance is probably due to short notice. Another likely reason mentioned is that most of the user/fan base is spread across so many countries. Planning for next year is already under way, and the short notice and planning problem should be prevented next time around. If only 3 people register, it's not worth running the event. Even if canceled, Michael Phipps should probably still go to LinuxWorld to do the presentation as planned.
  • More discussion about bounties and raising funds took place:
  • It was mentioned that providing targets for raising funds will help people donate to specific causes.
  • More admin team changes:
  • Michael Pfeiffer and Waldemar Kornewald have stepped down.
  • It was recognized that "diver" has been extremely active on the QA side of things recently, and his efforts are appreciated.
That wraps it up for the July 23, 2007 meeting.
I would like to remind readers that any official discussion about the decisions made by the Haiku Admins should be directed to the General Mailing List. Any mistakes in this summary may be posted in the comments if desired or you may use my contact page.