Haikuware Needs Your Help

Blog post by umccullough on Thu, 2013-07-18 04:51

UPDATE: Goal reached - thanks for stepping up and helping out everyone! Feel free to donate toward next year's costs though :)

A few days ago, Haikuware (and BeBits) finally came back from a somewhat lengthy outage. Several of you may have noticed the news article that was posted when the site came back online.

You may have also noticed that Karl has setup a donation button and meter to help cover the annual infrastructure costs - 588 EUR/year. If you didn’t see this, it’s currently prominently displayed on the top left of the Haikuware front page.

I urge everyone to show their support for Haikuware as I personally have, and donate if they feel Haikuware deserves to remain a viable resource for the community. I suspect that nearly 100% of Haiku users have visited www.haikuware.com at least once and downloaded something useful. If you have, and you feel you might want to visit again, perhaps it’s worth showing a small token of thanks.

In addition to providing software downloads, Haikuware also provides additional resources, such as forums, blogs, and the somewhat famous Haikuware Bounties. In case you’re unfamiliar with the history of Haikuware’s bounties, they have helped deliver funds to developers over the years to jump start such projects as WebPositive (via the Webkit port bounty), SATA/AHCI drivers, improved Wifi support, a Gutenprint port, a port of Gallium3d to Haiku (currently in-progress), along with several other items.

And don’t forget BeBits - it is currently hosted on the same server as Haikuware. Keep the nostalgia alive!

So head over there now and show your support! Every bit helps, you can be personally responsible for keeping Haikuware up and running for months or years to come.