'Packaging Infrastructure' Contract Weekly Report #4

Blog post by waddlesplash on Fri, 2015-07-03 16:20

HaikuPorts has, for the last few years, been living on Bitbucket. However, Bitbucket's integration with other services (e.g. Travis CI), overall interface, and code review system isn't as good as GitHub's. The concensus was already that moving to GitHub would be a good idea, so rather than having to do that later and write two integation systems in Haiku Kitchen (one for Bitbucket, one for GitHub), I opted to bite the bullet and do the migration now, rather than waiting. It took me all of Tuesday and most of Wednesday, but HaikuPorts is now fully migrated to GitHub. (You can find it here.)

(I also migrated the HaikuPorts mailing lists to FreeLists at the same time, you can find them here and here.)

With HaikuPorts migrated, I then set out to make use of the other bits of infrastructure GitHub provides, and to add more recipe linting capabilities to HaikuPorter so we can catch issues in recipes before they're sent to the build server. I set up Travis-CI so that all pull requests sent to HaikuPorts will be automatically checked for problems first, and once that was in place, moved on to HaikuPorter. I did a partial refactor of the linting system and cleaned up some bugs in there, set up COPYRIGHT linting, set up DESCRIPTION validation, made SUMMARY linting more strict, and made various other cleanups and consistency fixes in HaikuPorter and HaikuPorts.

I'm not working today, as it's a national holiday here in the U.S. (Fourth of July weekend), but on Monday I'll be resuming work on the buildserver.

See you all next time!