'Packaging Infrastructure' Contract Weekly Report #7

Blog post by waddlesplash on Sat, 2015-08-01 01:00

Hello again!

A lot has happened since last week. The DHCP bug that has been plaguing Haiku for over a month is now fixed, some various other issues have been cleared up, and the Kitchen has a lot of edge-cases fixed and properly parses dependencies.

I didn't do very much work on Monday for various reasons. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I spent some time investigating the DHCP bug, which lead to some bugfixes in BNetworkAddress. I was working alongside a couple other members of the Haiku team, who were also investigating it. It was a rather hard bug to track, and PulkoMandy eventually fixed it late Wednesday, which meant that Haiku was finally stable enough for me to look into deploying Kitchen builders.

With that bug fixed, I went back to working on Kitchen. Between Thursday and today, I finished work on the dependency system, which now can properly create a dependency list for the entire HaikuPorts tree. This was a very complex feat, as it required a properly working recipe parser (which I fixed a lot of edgecases in on the way), a properly working dependency generator, and properly written recipes (e.g. HaikuPorter doesn't care if a recipe depends on itself and will happily resolve that dependency with an older version of the package, but you can't do that when trying to build the tree in a linear manner). But the Kitchen side of things at least does work, and I hand-verified the first 20 or so listed packages, and it seems sane.

So at this point, all that's left is to tie all the completed systems together, add a few last missing features (e.g. hybrid support -- should be < 20 LoC changed), and generate a HPKR file from the uploaded packages. I've got ~4 days of full-time work remaining, which is more than enough for all this -- I should have all of those things completed by the end of one day.

See you next week!