Trac is back

Blog post by wkornewald on Thu, 2007-01-25 09:23

Hopefully, you noticed that Trac, our bug and task tracker, is back and has a new home: We switched our hosting provider and now everything works well and Trac is stable (as far as I know ;).

Did anything user-visible change? Yes. The components (categories) were reorganized. Our developers needed components resembling our source code tree. Since this wouldn't work very well for non-technical users (indeed we don't have many of them, yet) or users who don't know which component is affected we also created broader categories like "Printing". These components all start with a minus sign, so they are listed at the top and become easier to find among the development-only categories. Whenever you're not sure which component is affected please choose one of the broader categories, so at least the developer responsible for the bug gets notified. If you want to really annoy Axel you can file everything against "General", of course. ;)

My plan for the future is for Trac to become our central project planning system. The network team is already managing their tasks with Trac and it would be nice to have this expanded to all teams. Later, I would like to work out a project planning process with the developers, prepare simple RFC guidelines, and rewrite the important RFCs, so we could also do all planning for Haiku R2 with Trac, but first we have reach at least alpha phase with R1.