GSoC 2021: XFS support progress update

Blog post by Xiaojie on Tue, 2021-07-06 01:33

XFS project progress Hi, I am going to make a short summary of the XFS project work since last post. Anyway, you can find my post named ‘GSoC 2021 Project: XFS support progress’ on the forum. It records part of the work. Of course, the most is on Gerrit. topic:“xfs” on Gerrit We could find all remaining patches are merged. But, by the way, not all problems. There is a problem leaving.

GSoC 2021: XFS file system support

Blog post by Xiaojie on Thu, 2021-05-20 14:19

About me I am Xiaojie Yi, currently majoring in Data Science and Big Data technology in Central China Normal University, China. I am happy to be selected as GSoC student this year and can work for Haiku to get more XFS filesystem support done. My mentors are CruxBox and Rene. When I decided to choose this project at the end of March, I knew very little about how everything works. Thanks for everyone’s help here!