[GSoC 2022] ARM port and device tree support Phase 1

Blog post by Zhihong Niu on Fri, 2022-06-24 00:00

In the first stage of work, the following content was completed: Compile and run arm haiku on osx Fixed some runtime errors The following will show how to compile haiku on osx and run it on qemu (my version: hrev56168) Build and run Haiku on OSX (Intel) Preparation Before starting, since the default file system(APFS) is not case-sensitive, you must first create a case-sensitive volume. Open Disk Utility.

[GSoC 2022] ARM port and device tree support

Blog post by Zhihong Niu on Mon, 2022-05-30 00:00

Introduction I am Zhihong Niu, an Computer science undergraduate student at the Xi’an Shiyou University. This summer I will port Haiku to ARM and support some device tree-based storage device. My mentors for this project are scottmc and David Karoly. Here is the link to my proposal. Project The project actually has three goals: run Haiku on ARM(qemu-system-arm), device tree support and mass storage device driver based on device tree.