A big ***thank you!*** for fixing the bug that I posted!

Forum thread started by latte on Sun, 2006-05-14 06:51

Hi all -

Just wanted to give a big **thank you** to the devs for their **lightning-fast** fix of a bug that I posted (to do with the display of time in Haiku - bug 583).

There were problems in that the times in the "set time/timezone" widget (and the time on the menu) weren't "synchronising" properly.

Anyway, I posted the bug, and within ***24 hours*** (maybe less) it has been fixed! Wow, now **that's** service!

( I've downloaded and tested the latest Haiku, and the bug is indeed gone. All three time displays (two in the widget, one on the menu) now "synch" correctly, and when you change the time in the "set time" widget, all three are now changed (as they should be). Great!

I tried to reply (to give my thanks) via the automated bugzilla emails that were sent to me, but the replies got bounced for some reason.
Anyway, if someone can pass on this message of thanks, that'd be great. Keep up the ***awesome*** work with Haiku!
Bye for now -

- latte