Any BeOS & BeBox owners here

Forum thread started by macsociety on Thu, 2011-01-27 21:48

Since you are into Haiku I figured many of you are prior or current BeOS users. Any of you use BeOS on PPC machines like the BeBOX.

I am a BeBox owner and would be nice to meet others here still owning a BeBOX or at least running BeOS on PPC machines.



Re: Any BeOS & BeBox owners here

Sorry for the belated reply, I haven't been following the forum closely enough. Anyway, I'm only a prior user, not a current one.

Haiku and the modern PC-compatible may have their flaws, but they are enough better than BeOS on the BeBox that I'm not tempted to go back. I haven't lit that thing up for years.

I got what I remember as the final version BeBox, with dual PPC 603e, and everything I ran BeOS on outperformed that computer. As I understand it, no L2 cache, so no wonder. I loved BeOS, but it was hard to port to because of some bad design, and many things were essentially impossible. Now Haiku is much better about that, and my PC is super fast, so life is sweet.