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You are not alone.
I described my problems here Ticket #3441 .
What is your hardware?

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2.2 ghz Pentium 4
120 gb sata hard drive with pci controler card
Nvidia TNT2 videocard
1 gb ram
dvd drive

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dvd drive attached to SATA or PATA? Haiku only supports AHCI SATA or Legacy mode for SATA.

Does the CD boot at all? Do you get any icons showing? What error message do you get?

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Do not have any icons showing?

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Gohan wrote:

120 gb sata hard drive with pci controler card

Does not sound like it has AHCI support.
But if he has no Symbols shown on his monitor, this should not be his actual problem.

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Do you get black screen? Do you get message boot sector not found? Does it seem to boot from the dvd drive but stop?

There are two cases, either a) it does not boot at all off dvd drive or b) it starts to boot but stops somewhere along. I am not sure which it is for you.

If b), you can press [space bar] to enter SAFE MODE. Try disabling DMA.

You're right, pci controller card maybe does not have AHCI so he will not be able to install to hard drive either ( without AHCI or Legacy SATA modes - only ways SATA is supported ).

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It does not boot at all!

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Since it does not boot at all.

Assuming you burned the ISO yourself. Either you burned the image incorrectly to CD or your DVD drive does not like the CD media.

Try different CD media, burn at slower speed, choose "burn ISO" in program if working with ISO image.

You should check motherboard BIOS for boot order too to be sure it is set to boot from DVD drive first and not hard drive. The BIOS does the booting at the start for the DVD drive and later on Haiku atapi driver gets loaded.

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You could try booting from USB instead. Making a key is easy. Just dd the image onto a key.

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My CD does boot at first, but then after some time gives the following message:

no boot path found, scan for all partitions

After that, it gets into the Haiku Bootloader, but I can not continue booting, as the system does not find a boot volume. When selecting 'Select Boot Volume' it states 'no boot volume found'.

What could this be? For what I do remember using the BeOS MAX CD some time ago, I had to use the floppy disk to boot the LiveCD. Maybe this is similar? I guess it is caused by the systeem itself (Thinkpad 600E)?


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Haiku ISO comes with two parts, bootloader & Haiku bfs image. The bootloader is working but cannot find the Haiku image to continue booting into.

Try these:
1) download a nightly image and test that to see if it works for you.
2) try different (high quality) CD media
3) burn slower speed, like 8X
4) you should also verify the burned CD with ISO file on drive to be sure it is error free. Your burn program should offer this option.

If you can USB boot, then install to USB key & boot from that instead.

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I've burned a new CD using the latest nightly build, but the problem on my Thinkpad 600E stays the same. Same messages. I've tried the CD on a different computer on which it boots, so the CD is ok. Guess it is something with the Thinkpad 600E specifically (as I suspected). As the 'floppy image' is too big to fit on a floppy, I guess I'm