Need Some Help Installing

Forum thread started by Captain TacoLad on Sun, 2011-10-23 23:35

Hey guys, as you can see from the subject, I'm having a bit of trouble installing and getting Haiku up and running. I'm running Snow Leopard on an Intel based Mac Pro from I believe late '08.

I have tried both burning a CD and running off of a thumb drive, with no success. For the CD, I burned the .ISO image on to a blank disk using the built in Disk Utility, but I cannot get my computer to boot from the disk no matter how hard I try. For the thumb drive, I followed these ( directions to the dot, but an error message pops up saying that the disk image is not readable by this computer, and I can't boot from it.

I'm a complete newbie at running any OS's but the standard ones, so any help at all is greatly appreciated.



Re: Need Some Help Installing

It sounds like you need to edit your BIOS settings to allow booting from CD or USB.