Windows Hyperterminal equivalent in Haiku and/orBeOS ?

Forum thread started by kp3ft on Tue, 2011-11-15 17:13

We want to connect a piece of EAS equipment to our BeOS computer so that it logs to a text file. The equipment documentation says to use a Windows computer running Hyperterminal, but the the connection looks pretty basic (serial port, log file is a simple .TXT file), so am wondering if BeOS or Haiku has a program that will do the same thing. I'd hate to have to set up a separate computer just to use the logging function. The instructions are below:

These instructions are for Windows-95 and up-based computers
only. If you do log to your computer, it's still a good idea to
print out the log. The log file certainly should be backed up
every day.

1. Use your Windows Explorer to locate the Hyperterminal problem
or reach it through your Start menu. If using Windows Explorer,
open it. If going through the Start menu, open this (usually in
the lower left-hand corner of your screen). With either one, in
the window that appears, next open the Programs folder. Then open
the Accessories folder. Next, open the HyperTerminal folder.
Then open HyperTerminal, which may be labeled HYPERTRM.

2. The HyperTerminal program will next prompt you for a new
connection. The message box that appears will have a space for
you to name the new connection. This is what you're going to call
your logging connection. EASLOG is a good name. You also may
select an icon from the group that appears. If you wish to use a
different icon from those available, then you must do this later.
You may do it in the box that appears in step 5.

3. The next box that appears will have the header Log To, and will
have four data fields. Go only to the fourth field, labeled
Connect Using and in the popup menu, select Direct to Com1 (or
whatever comport you're going to use). This will blank out the
other three fields, which you may ignore. Then click OK.

4. Next, the COM1 Properties box will appear with a tab headed
Port Settings and featuring five fields