IRC Channels

Haiku has chat channels in various languages, allowing realtime discussion with other Haiku developers and users.

We have transitioned our channels from the Freenode IRC network to the OFTC IRC network. Please read this press release for more information.

Connection instructions

If you are running Haiku, the Vision IRC client is provided and can be used to join the IRC channels. Some language specific channels are on Telegram instead, which can also be installed in Haiku. Clients for both are also available for most other operating systems. Our official discussion rooms also support other open communication protocols, such as XMPP, BeShare and Matrix.

Main IRC channel (English)

General discussion (on and off-topic) for the Haiku community

3rd Party Development (English)

Applications that run on Haiku, development and programming talk and problem solving.

Language/Country Specific Channels

The following language/country specific channels also exist. Note that some language communities have chosen different protocols.