Funding and donations

The Haiku project itself is not a formal entity, and as a result it cannot accept donations directly. There are however various way to donate, either to an organization or directly to some developers.

Haiku, Inc.

Haiku, Inc. is an US-based non-profit organization which handles donations to the Haiku project. They fund the infrastructure (servers, hosting), communication (stickers, flyers) as well as travel and hosting costs for people representing Haiku at open source conferences (FOSDEM, RMLL, ...) or attending coding sprints. They also hold the Haiku and Haiku logo trademarks.

Extra funds are sometimes allocated to buying specific hardware to help a developer write a driver for it, or to fund specific developments, allowing contributors to work full-time on a specific task.

Visit the Inc. website for a more detailed report of the funded activities.

Haiku, Inc. accepts donations through bank transfers, PayPal, Amazon payments, Flattr, and bitcoins.

Haiku Support Association

The HSA is another non-profit collecting donations to help the Haiku project. They are based in Germany. Their main contribution to Haiku is funding "code sprint" events, where developers gather in the same room to work together on the project.

The HSA accepts donations by bank transfers.


Liberapay is an initiative for funding open source developers and other people or organizations. Unlike other similar platforms, they collect no fees on donations. Instead, they are themselves funded by donations on their own platform.

Some Haiku developers and contributors have a Liberapay account and accept donations. You can find all Haiku developers accepting funds in the Haiku team on Liberapay, and can direct funds either to the team as a whole or to individual members of the team.