The following organisations are the driving force behind the open source development of Haiku:

Haiku, Inc.

Haiku, Inc. Is a US based Not-for-Profit Organization that was founded in July of 2003 by the founder, long time leader, and visionary of the Haiku Project, Michael Phipps. Its aim is to support the Haiku Project and to further the development of the operating system and its online community.

Find out more about Haiku, Inc. in the about us section of this website.

Haiku Support Association (HSA)

The Haiku Support Association is a German based organisation of users and developers of Haiku. Their objective is to promote the development and further adoption of Haiku, which is done by focusing their efforts on organizing the regularly held BeGeistert event and its associated CodeSprint.


HaikuPorts is Team of Haiku users, developers and contributors who are cooperating towards porting applications and libraries to Haiku.