OSC 2010 Kansai@Kyoto

OSC -- short for Open Source Conference -- is a series of events held in various cities of Japan designed to increase awareness about open source software through talks, exhibits and networking opportunities for both the open source communities and businesses. OSC 2010 Kansai@Kyoto, one of the several OSC events held in the Kansai area, takes places in the traditional city of Kyoto.

Event Dates: 
2010-07-09 - 2010-07-10


Kyoto School of Computer Science (京都コンピュータ学院) Kyoto 601-8407
Haiku Team Contact: 
Haiku Team Members: 
Eguchi Satoshi & Sami-san
Planned Activities: 
  • Demo Haiku
  • Raise awareness about the project
  • Hand out Haiku flier (and possibly stickers?)