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BPrivate::Network::BHttpHeaders Class Reference

Container for a set of HTTP headers. More...

Public Member Functions

 BHttpHeaders ()
 Construct an empty header list.
 BHttpHeaders (const BHttpHeaders &copy)
 Copy constructor. More...
bool AddHeader (const char *line)
 Add a new header to the list, from an HTTP header line. More...
bool AddHeader (const char *name, const char *value)
 Add a new header from the given key:value pair.
bool AddHeader (const char *name, int32 value)
 Convenience method to add a header with a numeric value.
void Clear ()
 Remove all HTTP headers from the list.
int32 CountHeaders () const
int32 HasHeader (const char *name) const
 Find an header by key. More...
BHttpHeaderHeaderAt (int32 index) const
 Find header by position. More...
const char * HeaderValue (const char *name) const

Detailed Description

Container for a set of HTTP headers.

This class allows management of the set of headers for a single HTTP transaction. They are stored in a list and can be iterated on.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BHttpHeaders()

BHttpHeaders::BHttpHeaders ( const BHttpHeaders copy)

Copy constructor.

A deep copy is performed, so modifying the headers in the copy does not change the original.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddHeader()

bool BHttpHeaders::AddHeader ( const char *  line)

Add a new header to the list, from an HTTP header line.

Duplicates headers are allowed.

false when out of memory.

◆ CountHeaders()

int32 BHttpHeaders::CountHeaders ( ) const
the number of entries in this set

◆ HasHeader()

int32 BHttpHeaders::HasHeader ( const char *  name) const

Find an header by key.

The index of the header for use with HeaderAt(), or B_ERROR if not found.

◆ HeaderAt()

BHttpHeader & BHttpHeaders::HeaderAt ( int32  index) const

Find header by position.

indexmust be in bounds, else this method will crash.
See also

◆ HeaderValue()

const char * BHttpHeaders::HeaderValue ( const char *  name) const
the value mapped to the given key, or NULL if not found.