BUrlProtocolDispatchingListener Class Reference

Dispatches BUrlProtocolListener events as BMessage. More...

Detailed Description

Dispatches BUrlProtocolListener events as BMessage.

BUrlProtocolDispatchingListener is a BUrlProtocolListener implementation that dispatches received events as BMessage. A corresponding BHandler implementation that make use of BUrlProtocolListener hooks to handle messages emitted by this class is available as BUrlProtocolAsynchronousListener.

BMessage emitted from this class use the code #B_URL_PROTOCOL_NOTIFICATION. Refer to each member functions for the format of the messages they emit.

The format of the emitted message
Field name Type Value
be:urlProtocolCaller B_POINTER_TYPE The request that generated the event
be:urlProtocolMessageType B_INT8_TYPE The message type, one of the B_URL_PROTOCOL_* constants

Messages for specific events may include extra fields, documented in the description of each of the hook methods, and usually matching the parameters of that method.