Get Haiku!

Current Official Version Information

  • Version: R1/beta1
  • Release date: September 28th, 2018
  • Release notes: Release notes.
  • Computer platform: x86, 32-bit and 64-bit

Here you will find information on how to get Haiku, by either downloading the latest official release. If you choose to download an image, please select from the list of available mirrors below. (If you are looking for the nightly images, they can be found at

These are anyboot images. They can be written directly to a USB flash drive, empty disk, or written to DVD media. It can also be used directly from QEMU. They can be used “live” or used to install Haiku to another disk/partition of your choice.

Direct Download Locations

NOTE: Not all mirrors may be online. Please choose another mirror if you encounter a failure.


In order to assist with distribution, we have also created .torrent files that can be used to download and seed the release files for others.
Please continue seeding the torrents if you can!


To make sure that you have got the right file and that it has not been corrupted during file transfer, it is always wise to ensure the integrity of your download. To that end, you can use the SHA256 checksums shown below to verify that what you have is the correct file.


If you are in macOS or Linux, you can use the sha256sum command from the Terminal to generate a checksum for your downloaded file and verify against those above. If you are in Windows, you can use a tool such as hashtab to display checksums for files directly in explorer. download from here.


We thank all the organizations and companies who provide the server space and bandwidth to mirror our releases.