Get Haiku!

Here you will find information on how to get Haiku, by either downloading the latest official release or purchasing an installation CD from Haiku, Inc. (not yet available). The proceeds from ordering CD's will be used by Haiku, Inc. to help speed the release of Haiku R1. If you choose to download an image, please select from the list of available mirrors below.

The Anyboot image is the preferred distribution format. It can be written directly to a USB flash drive, empty disk, or written to CD/DVD media. It can also be used directly from QEMU. The ISO image can be written to CD with your usual CD burning application if you experience issues with the Anyboot image. Using the ISO image with virtualization software is strongly discouraged. The VM image is a fixed size hard disk image to be run in VMware or VirtualBox. Any of the image files can be used "live" or used to install Haiku to another disk/partition of your choice.

Download Locations

NOTE: Not all mirrors may be online. Please choose another mirror if you encounter a failure.


In order to assist with distribution, we have also created .torrent files that can be used to download and seed the release files for others. Please continue seeding the torrents if you can!:


To make sure that you have got the right file and that it has not been corrupted during file transfer, it is always wise to ensure the integrity of your download. To that end, you can use the MD5 checksums shown below to verify that what you have is the correct file.

30a9da4a37e6de84abcdcbe84b0b9f41 haiku-r1alpha4-anyboot.image
7903ca7739663cdce5fa0ccfffc8c1e2 haiku-r1alpha4.1-anyboot.tar.xz

dd62d141b031630e9eb16683149d6de7 haiku-r1alpha4.iso
59c585cd5eaf3497c64d89cbe161360d haiku-r1alpha4.1-iso.tar.xz

9946ac92dfbe21ff9e8ffaa6a2ba0a02 haiku-r1alpha4.vmdk
cc6eb94567d6d8f04bb54c32045a3bc1 haiku-r1alpha4.1-vmdk.tar.xz

abf82ee73889ef6cc56fc9c631e021b7 haiku-r1alpha4.image
2bb0f40e3aafb716a6d075fc10ccf813 haiku-r1alpha4.1-image.tar.xz

If you are in Mac OS X or Linux, you can use the md5sum command from the Terminal to generate a checksum for your downloaded file and verify against those above. If you are in Windows, you can use MD5summer, which you can download from here. There is also md5sum.exe for Windows, which is a version of MD5Summer that can be used from the Windows Command prompt.

Haiku R1 Alpha 4 Commemorative CD

Haiku Commemorative CD from the Haiku, Inc. website!

Official Haiku Commemorative CDs are available for purchase from Haiku, Inc.. By purchasing Haiku discs online, not only do you get a beautifully branded CD, but you also help the project, as a major portion of the purchase price goes to fund development.

Nightly/Development Releases

If you like to live on the (bleeding) edge, nightly development/testing builds are also available at this page. These images contain the latest enhancements, bug fixes, and hardware support. Please keep in mind that there may also be regressions and broken features in these builds which have not yet been identified or resolved. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


We thank all the organizations and companies who provide the server space and bandwidth to mirror our releases.