inovative concepts for Media in overal Haiku design


In reading some of the posts on R1 and R2 (especialy in regards to the quality of user experience) I realized that maybe more conceptual and inovative approach would to OS media design experience would also be attractive for first time users.

For example - just like using vector graphics (especialy in icons) that would make the interface scale and look better, it would be also interesting to use procedural/generative media...for example instead of delivering single quality fixed sound files it would be great to have them generated on the fly with SuperColider
In this way one would be able to avoid hearing always the same sound when booting the system - but instead hear a tune that is not only variable, but also unique to his system (especialy if it uses system info to render specific sound)...that way it would be similar to the ida of older cars - when you could actually hear the engine (unique sound for each car) and by doing so becoming aware if all things are OK or there is something wrong.

Please take time to hear few examples of simple generative sound code from this webpage

I am sure similar concepts could be developed for other parts of OS that would be inovative for system design, as well as make HAIKU stand out for it's quality/sophistication - rather then quantity of features.