Welcome to the Be Book.

BeOS is the, now unsupported product, from ACCESS Co.. There is however a strong following which deserve an updated Be Book and here it is…

What Is The BeBook?

The BeBook details the Application Programming Interface (API) to the BeOS operating system.


We want to express our gratitude to ACCESS Co. for showing their support for the Haiku Project by allowing the distribution of the BeBook and the Be Newsletters as legacy documents. Not do they only hold historical value, but these documents are also a very valuable reference resource for all Haiku developers. We also want to thank Simon Kennedy for his work on formatting these documents.

Organization of This Document

This document is split into 3 parts :-

System Overview

Provides an overview of the functionality provided by the System broken down into Kits. This should show you how the various classes interact with each other to produce the complete system.

Classes And Methods

Details the classes/methods, what they do, which parameters you need to pass, the values they return etc.

Special Topics

Details needed to program various parts of the BeOS operating system not covered under the kits e.g. How to create add-ons for the Tracker, create device drivers etc.

Conventions Used in This Document

The following conventions are used in this book.

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